Career Educonnect

Educonnect is an initiative to spread education awareness among students, in partnership with and by using the ground network of corporates. The initiative covers all students of Class 7 to Class 12 from all schools in the district by providing them with knowledge of all opportunities they can pursue in their educational and professional lives. Trained Staff of FUEL visit all schools in the constituency and guide students on various opportunities available to them.

Educonnect also builds an ecosystem of interaction among principals of schools in the district and also for their interaction with all stake holders, with a broader aim of educational development of the district.

The Educonnect Program provides :

  • Unbiased and right educational information to students about entrance exams, careers and application formalities on a timely basis so that students do not miss the application form deadlines due to lack of awareness about the exams & explore the careers of their choice.
  • Assist students in filling application forms so that their application forms are not rejected.
  • Well documented fact sheet on all courses/careers and colleges.
  • Drastically reduce the number of applications getting rejected due to reasons like incomplete & incorrect forms thereby bringing an end to the intense trauma that students face leading them to habits like smoking, drinking, narcotics and even suicides.
  • Reduce the rate of unemployment due to lack of soft skills & ahead of times skills
  • Help them in improving their socio-economic status by better education.

Honors & Awards

Name Year Awarding Organisations
Runner up for Big 50-K Social Business Plan Competition February 2009 TIE Hubli
National Finalist i2i 2010 2010 IIM Calcutta
Second Prize at International Social -Plan conference January 2010 Great Lakes of Institute of Management,Chennai
Runeer up for TIE Bizbuzz 2010 March 2010 TIE Kanpur
Ashoka Fellowship May 2013 Ashoka Foundation
Level 3 Investee 2011 Unltd India
Young Social Innovator January 2012 Action for India Forum
0IYP 2010 Oxfam Australia
Semi Finalist for Dell Social Competition May 2010 University of Texas,Austin