Tej Dhami,UnLtd India, Director Incubation

I work with UnLtd India an incubator for early stage social enterprises based in Mumbai and have been working closely with Ketan Deshpande for over two years. Working with Ketan is a delight as he views every challenge as a puzzle to be cracked and applies highly creative thinking to do so. He has the rare combination of intellectual creativity, and the interpersonal skills and operational capacity to execute, making him a highly effective entrepreneur.(06/03/2014)

Trina Talukdar, Ashoka India

The impact of Ketan’s work is unsurmountable. FUEL currently operates in the states of Maharashtra,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and has provided higher education and career guidance more than half a million rural marginalised students in its first four years of operation- students who otherwise have no access to the information and counselling needed to choose and pursue successful professional careers.(13/03/2014)

Reha Bublani, The Global Education and Leadership Foundation

The organisation is very focused and driven by the desire to make a sustainable long lasting impact. With its innovative models, the team has the capability to reach out masses and achieve the goals it has set its eyes on. p>(25/03/2014)